Valhelsia Structures: Patch 0.1.0 - The Witch Hut

Hi everybody! The witch has concocted something new: the first Valhelsia Structures update of 2021! The update is overflowing with new blocks and interesting things to discover, so follow us and let's check out the patch notes.
First of all, as you might have noticed this is not the Jungle Update that we revealed previously. We have decided to split the update into two parts in order to offer you some of the new features and fixes now without needing to rush the features that aren’t finished. We prefer to take our time to provide you with something that we are fully satisfied with, which is not yet the case for the full Jungle Update. The second part of the update will arrive later this year.

Witch Hut

The witch has found a new home to concoct her potions. There have been rumors among the villagers that she captures people to experiment on, so be careful if you venture into her territory.

Spawner Dungeon

Formerly known as Small Dungeon, it has now been renamed to Spawner Dungeon. To fit with the new name it now has a new room with a spawner, this can be a zombie, skeleton or spider spawner.
The entire dungeon has been redesigned to be more interesting to explore, including some of the new blocks from the update.
Patch 0.1.0
Patch 0.1.0
Other rooms will arrive in the next updates to increase the variety.

Rework of the Forge and Desert House

The Forge and the Desert House have been overhauled to be a bit larger and more detailed, while keeping the same overall feel of the older versions. Other variations of these structures may arrive in future updates.
These two structures are now inhabited by a villager who has decided to become a hermit, living apart from the other villagers. Please be nice with them, and don't take their bed.
The blacksmith should be careful with that Bee Nest under his roof.
We have made further improvements to the Desert House, which now has features that are generated around the structure. It can be an oasis or a well, but the list of potential surrounding features will be expanded as updates are made.
This cartographer chose his land well to make his house.

New Decorative Blocks

With this update comes new decorations, these are intended to add new a variety of fine details to your builds while blending in well with the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic.
Jar and Big Jar: Available in a multitude of different colors, they can be very useful to decorate your home. A large and a small one is available with the possibility of putting a flower in the small version. You can find them in our different structures, and those found in dungeons can be broken to get a small reward. These are craftable using the appropriate color of terracotta.
Hanging Vines: These are vines that grow like Weeping Vines. While aesthetically similar to regular vines, they can be hung from ceilings, allowing you to add vegetation to more places than before.
Doused Torch: An unlit torch that you can relight by right clicking on it with a Flint and Steel. To obtain a Doused Torch you just have to douse a regular torch with water in the same way as waterlogging a block.
Bone Pile & Bone Pile Block: You can find these in some structures, mainly the Dungeons. I imagine that these piles of bones belong to former adventurers where their story ended badly... These are craftable from bones.
Dungeon Door: Present at the entrance of the Spawner Dungeon, it is imposing. It is as resistant as Obsidian and cannot be crafted.

Improvements to the Player House and Castle

We decided to change the foundation of the Player House to something more logical. The materials of the floor and roof were also changed to better match the structure. Extra features are now also generated around the Player House in the same way as the Desert House, such as a garden or part of a Nether portal.
A new variant is also available for the Player House, surrounded by scaffolding and under construction still.
A house still under construction, the scaffoldings can be useful.
The castle has received some minor improvements to the courtyard to incorporate the new jar blocks. You can now find a horse in the stable too.
Patch 0.1.0 - the addition of a well showcases the new terracotta jars.

New Structure: The Big Tree

Large vine-covered oak trees now spawn occasionally in plains and forest biomes. There’s more to these trees than first meets the eye, so it may be rewarding to investigate more closely.

Miscellaneous Additions & Updates

There are also many small additions and changes with this update. Many of the blocks added aren’t yet used in any structures but have been provided for you to build with in the meantime.
  • Pillagers have been added to some ruins. The loot is no longer entirely undefended!
  • The Soul Brazier is a new blue-flamed variant of the Brazier to match the Soul Torch, Lantern, and Campfire added in the Minecraft Nether update.
  • Similarly, Warped Posts and Crimson Posts have been added, crafted using an axe and the appropriate log type in the same way as the existing posts.
  • Posts can now be cut with an axe again to form Cut Posts, a thin layerable version of a regular post.
  • Structure generation has been improved to fit the surrounding terrain better.
  • Paintings have been removed from inside structures. These previously dropped to the ground after the generation of the structures in some cases.
  • Grass can no longer spread to the dirt roads.
  • All loot tables have been adjusted to be more interesting.
  • Structures are now more common by default, in most worlds they should be easier to find.
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