December 2021 News Update

Welcome to the Valhelsia news update for December 2021. With the release of Minecraft 1.18, we felt like it was the perfect time to provide an update to several of our projects as well as to reveal several entirely new ones. But first, we'd like to introduce our new partners!

New Partnerships

We want to offer you the best possible experience while playing our modpacks. That's why we are happy to announce our new partnerships with two fantastic artists!
Up first is xalixilax, the creator of xali's Enhanced Vanilla, xali's Enchanted Books, and many other fantastic resource packs.
These resource packs update the base game to make it look a bit more natural with blending between blocks, texture variants, and better models - all while keeping a style consistent with vanilla Minecraft.
Bushier leaves and dirt blending adds a nice touch to the landscape.
Swamps are now much more interesting, with floating algae and several lily pad variants.
The second texture pack artist is CesarZorak, who is already known for the art of Forbidden and Arcanus. Some of his work has already been included in Valhelsia Structures and Valhelsia Tweaks, with more to come in the future!
This resource pack renders ores in 3D with inspiration from the art styles of Hytale and Jappa, the lead artist of Minecraft. These changes make spelunking in the new caves an awesome experience.
Fantasy Ores by CesarZorak
We are extremely pleased to announce the creation of two new resource packs in collaboration with these two artists: xali's Enhanced Modded x Valhelsia and Fantasy Ores x Valhelsia. These both add additional compatibility with our modpacks and therefore the best possible experience for you. All of the above resource packs will be integrated and activated by default in our upcoming modpacks. The first modpack to benefit from these additions will be our new Minecraft 1.18 modpack...

Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla

We are pleased to announce Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla, our first Minecraft 1.18 modpack! We have overhauled Valhelsia Fabric with a new vision and direction for the pack, and what better way to introduce it than a trailer?
In Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla, your abilities evolve through a system of skills and levels (a bit like an RPG), adding new challenge to the early game and giving clear objectives to work towards as you play. At the outset of the adventure, you start with just 3 hearts and 1 point to assign to skills. As you level different skills you will unlock new weapons, armor, tools, and will be able to work with different mods, giving you access to new technologies and magic. Combat difficulty has also been tuned, and while you may be relatively safe near spawn, you'll soon find that monsters get far tougher once you start to travel!
The modpack adds a great deal of immersion to your game thanks to the different mods that improve the visual aspect of the game. Alongside the resource packs, the Complementary Shaders shader pack is also included and activated by default with the kind permission of EminGTR, the developer. There are five different profiles for the shader pack that can be selected in the video settings menu, which allows you to focus on performance, quality, or somewhere in-between. We think the results speak for themselves though, just check out the screenshots below!
Oh. A meteorite?
To guide you through this pack, Jangro has written a guide that will be available both on the wiki and in-game for a next update.
We have been working behind the scenes to develop and polish the pack for quite some time. Our first version is now ready, many new features will arrive as we go along, and we hope to see what you get up to with it!

Valhelsia 3, 4, and... 5?

Minecraft 1.18 has just been released! Early development work has begun on Valhelsia 5, which we are hugely excited about. Minecraft 1.18 adds with it many new possibilities for modding, particularly due to the world generation overhaul. We expect to release the first public version of Valhelsia 5 early in 2022, after several key mods have updated to Minecraft 1.18.
You may be wondering what this news means for the future of Valhelsia 3 and 4. We have decided to follow the same support policy as Forge. Valhelsia 3 will remain entirely supported and updated for the time being, since Minecraft 1.16 modding is still fairly active. You can expect to see new Valhelsia 3 releases for at least the next few months. However, since Forge is dropping support for Minecraft 1.17 (and most modders are doing the same), we will be discontinuing the development of Valhelsia 4 around the same time Valhelsia 5 is released. It will still be downloadable and playable, but will no longer get new updates or official support.
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