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March 2022 News Update

The latest news and announcements for Valhelsia Projects.
Greetings adventurer, and welcome to the March 2022 news update from the Valhelsia Team. We have several new projects to announce, and updates on the recent development and upcoming features of several of our existing projects.
Our first announcement is a big one...

Introducing Valhelsia: Volatile!

Valhelsia: Volatile - A brand new experimental Minecraft 1.18.2 modpack!

What is Valhelsia: Volatile?

Valhelsia: Volatile is a brand new Minecraft modpack that is unlike any pack we've created before. During the development of Valhelsia 5, Mojang released the Minecraft 1.18.1 and 1.18.2 updates which included a number of internal code changes. Between updating to Minecraft 1.18 and then to 1.18.2, many mods are taking much longer to update than we first expected. Since we didn't want to release Valhelsia 5 with so many crucial mods missing (or unpolished), and didn't want to delay any further in getting mods into your hands, we needed a new approach, so Valhelsia: Volatile was born!
Why is it called Volatile? Because it's a rapidly changing experimental pack! Think of it like a modded equivalent to Mojang's snapshots for vanilla Minecraft - a chance for players to try out the very latest updates early. We'll be constantly adding and removing mods; tweaking configs, scripts, and custom features; accepting suggestions from players; and responding to feedback on a regular basis. The pack can and will change quite substantially between updates.
The nature of the pack means we have the freedom to try out a load of new mods and ideas without being locked into keeping them permanently, an issue that we have run into in past packs. This also means that we can experiment with more unusual ideas than normal. We'll be taking the feedback that we get from Valhelsia: Volatile and using it not only to change future updates of Valhelsia: Volatile, but also to help shape Valhelsia 5 and other future projects.
While this approach gives us much more freedom, it also comes with some obvious downsides that we need to be upfront about. Because of the ever-changing nature of the pack, it will be inherently unstable, so we can't guarantee that your world will be safe (don't get too attached), and we can't provide the same level of support that we would normally offer, given the unstable nature of the pack and its updates. This pack is built for players who want to try out cutting-edge features or to help shape our packs, not for those looking for a new long-term playthrough! You have been warned!
With all that said, we hope you have fun with our experiments, and please let us know what you think of any of the changes we make - it may make the difference between whether they stay or go!

Install and Play Now!


Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla

Since Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla was first released in December of 2021, we have been hard at work updating it, including the first major content update back in February as well as several minor updates.
Earning skill points through advancements, added in patch 1.1.0.
We've added a new method to level up via advancements, new Dungeons and updated Strongholds to explore, Artifacts and treasure to find, new building options (including the ever-popular Chisels and Bits) and details for your home (such as mannequins and plushies), and a large number of quality of life changes, user interface improvements, translations, and bug fixes.
New dungeons and strongholds to explore, deep below the surface of the world.
The most recent update has added the fantastic Ecologics mod, a biome update mod that combines brilliantly with the Terralith world generation in the pack. With it comes overhauled beaches, deserts, snowy biomes, and plains. Each of these updates includes new flora and fauna as well as interesting new mechanics.
Camels and Cacti...
...Coconuts and Crabs!
We're really happy with the direction that Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla is moving in, and are really excited about what the future holds for it as we add more content to explore in the coming months.

Valhelsia Structures

Valhelsia Structures has just had an initial release for Forge in Minecraft 1.18.2! With it we have moved to using Mojang's new structure tags to replace what used to be in the config file, so modpack creators now have the ability to place our structures in whichever biomes they like via datapack. This update also increases the frequency that structures are encountered by default.
We have also recently started using CrowdIn to provide translations for Valhelsia Structures, allowing for more languages to be supported. We are seeking help from the community to translate it, and you can find out how to contribute translations here if you think you can help!
Download Valhelsia Structures for Minecraft 1.18.2 (requires Valhelsia Core)

Coming Soon

We have been working on redesigns of the houses and dungeons, including several new blocks. In order to add all of the furnishings that we wanted to include, we have also been working on a new mod to add custom furniture to our structures.
A table and some chairs naturally generated inside the forge.
It isn't just the structures that have been redesigned, there are also new surroundings for some of them, having them fit more naturally into the environment around them. There are a number of entirely new structures in development!
A chicken coop generated with this house, but the eagle-eyed among you might notice new block types, too!
A pumpkin patch lies nearby this updated house, which has been overhauled to integrate blocks from Caves & Cliffs!
Dungeons are perhaps even more ominous than they were before!

Fabric Support

A number of people have been asking us for a Fabric port of Valhelsia Structures, and we too have been wanting one so that we can add our structures to Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla. We're glad to announce that one is coming! Because we have a small team, we can't give a firm release date yet, but please stay tuned for more information.

Valhelsia Furniture

Valhelsia Furniture is our take on a furniture mod for Minecraft. While there are several furniture mods that already exist for Minecraft, none of the existing options really fit our vision for what a furniture mod could be. In addition to having full integration with Valhelsia Structures, this mod can also be used separately, giving you a wide range of new options to detail your home.
The first furnishings that we are proud to reveal are tables, chairs, and stools. Each of these is available in every type of Minecraft wood, and with coverings of various styles and colors.
Just a select few of the dozens of furniture variations that are available.
The furniture added by the mod is fully functional, including features for technical players as well as builders. Players and mobs alike can sit on chairs and stools, applying a redstone signal will kick off any mob (or player) that is currently sitting on it, and a comparator will provide a redstone signal if there is anything sitting on it, varying in strength depending on the occupant.
The comparator can detect that a villager is occupying the chair.
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